Recent innovation for Philips AED

Remo​te Control for Philips Heartstart AED Trainer Unit HS1!

In recent years, we have listened intently to the feedback of countless Philips AED instructors in the field. They all want to:

  • Use standard manikins, without metal straps and internal adapters
  • Avoid hassle, interruptions and embarrassing moments during training
  • Use a Remote Control, like all other brands

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Remote Control: the perfect solution!

Instructors now can press a Remote Control button to move back and forth between connection phase (placing pads on chest) and analysis phase as needed.

  • Simple, easy to use and cost effective
  • No extra costs for metal straps, internal adapters and expensive manikins
  • Any type of manikin can be used (including baby manikins)
  • Gives instructor FULL CONTROL, no embarrassing moments during training

Available in all languages.

After a successful introduction in the Netherlands, with over 2.000 units sold, the new Remote Control for the Philips Heartstart AED Trainer Unit now is distributed worldwide by AED360, the International Division of ProCardio.​ ProCardio is the official Philips AED distributor in the Netherlands.

Order the new Philips Heartstart AED Training Unit with Remote Control HERE.

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About ProCardio

Philips is the world’s leading brand in AEDs. ProCardio is the official distributor for Philips AEDs in The Netherlands and takes pride in representing this flagship of Dutch entrepreneurship. In cooperation with Philips, ProCardio developed this unique Remote Control for the Philips AED Trainer Unit.

About AED360

This product is distributed worldwide by AED360, a Division of ProCardio.

AED360 BV and ProCardio BV are based in Eemnes, The Netherlands.
Vlierberg 4-5b / 3755 BS, Eemnes /


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