The New AED trainer with remote control

Timing is of the utmost importance when heart failure sets in. The chance of survival within the first 3 minutes is three times higher than after 6 minutes.

Speed is of the essence, and an easy to apply AED will minimise the time. Training can support the effective usage of the AED. Therefore ProCardio has developed a Philips AED training device with remote control to facilitate realistic training of the Philips AED. Leave your Defibtech, Heartsine or Cardiac Science trainer at home, because you can rely on your Philips Heartstart AED trainer with remote control Philips HeartStart HS-1: the only AED in the world with over-the-counter FDA clearance. Philips HeartStart FRx: the AED with the infant/child key and the only trainer who can be changed from lay training to EMS paediatric training on the spot.

  • No difference in usability with the 'original' Philips HeartStart AED trainers
  • All voice prompts are the same
  • Works on ANY manikin (even on baby manikins)
  • No need for an external or internal adaptor
AED Trainer people

The added value of an AED Trainer with remote control

Thanks to the remote control a real life training can be given on any manikin.

During the connection phase of the pads, the AED trainer can be forwarded to the analyse phase. Is the trainer doing the analysis, and the student removes the pads? With one push on the button the trainer returns to the instructions. Just like the real AED.

  • All voice prompts are the same, and all will play if the scenario calls for it
  • The usability of the Philips Trainers has not been changed
  • The practise scenarios have not been changed
  • Get rid of the external metal strip
  • Use other manikins than Laerdal (without using the metal strip)
  • Train students without giving away the placement position of the pads
  • Train paediatric with the Frx on baby manikins
  • Continue the training if the batteries are weak.


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